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/ Made Rite Rocker Inc. / 1987 Chapter S Corp. / Entrepreneur to Inventor /
"The Made Rite Rocker"
"Is the Best Seat Anywhere"

"A chair is not a piece of furniture at all," "It's a working tool."


Individually custom built to the body's need

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#8 Why I believe that the elderly would have a quality-of-life in mobility by exercising.

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The opportunities are also here for a global market on the internet.
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Copyrighted in 1998 & 2004Because 98% of Inventors never make money, I came up the market idea of Group/Net where only the individual expert of subject/information is listed. Enjoying their own IP Address for local referrals and credibility in public feedback. The enduser oversees them by responding with their own IP Address html pages offering positive, negative and rebuttal information.. References are listed on service and products within the expert's linkage for public viewing. Public Billboards to post personal opinions for credibility and business practices they themselves have experienced from local, national and international corporations.
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Offering positive, negative and rebuttal information for public viewing.
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This network will reflects the needs of the future as well as the present.

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 MadeRiteChair.Org will be EndOfLife Med Opt.

Beach & Std. Rocker /The FDA Made Rite Chair / Transport Rocker  Recliner/ Adjustment

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